How an idea got the attention of a town and brought a community together!

The Idea 

We wanted to take a very different view of the town of Beaminster in Dorset. Many people that perhaps don't know the town or are traveling through simple drive through and miss so much. 

How can we create a creative solution that gains the attention of a town? 


We decided that a website that communicated some of the unique aspects of this town in a new and different way was the answer.

The Challenge 

Not being sure the idea was viable as did people in the community care? And would they be interested in joining and supporting a new website? 

To test the need for our idea we created a single Facebook post announcing a new website for the town was coming and set up a landing page for local businesses to register their interest. 

This enabled us to verify if the community cared and if they cared enough. What followed was a resounding Yes!! Instant engagement on the post and likes, shares and comments, this gave us the confidence that it was worth doing. Along with a number of businesses registering in the first 48 hours.

website animated.gif


Beaminster is a small town with an interesting past. The idea to design a website that would show a different perspective on the town. To help raise the profile and show the incredible history and independent shops that are within was a positive step forward for Beaminster. 

Research was carried out into what made the town unique, how to promote those aspects to people visiting for the first time and we started to think about what people look for and would be interested in if they visited this historic town.


We initially approached the project with full creative control to gain the attention of the town and the community as a whole. The designs and thinking behind it gave the independent shops a window to reach customers in a new way. 

The heritage of the town was also incorporated into the designs and communication, doing justice to the incredible gothic style church and other significant buildings and manor houses in the area.

Discover Beaminster FB Stats.jpg


When the website went live the traffic was considerable given it had only just launched and within a short time frame. 

I received a call from the chairman of the town council asking to meet for a coffee. What followed was an opportunity to work directly with the council to create a website that would promote the town and bring the community together. This included creating a new logo for the town. Sito agency has now been hired by the council to build a brand for the town and to further attract visitors to the area whilst building on the engagement with the community as a whole. 

This is a great next chapter of the story and a great result for the town and the community of Beaminster. 

I think many times people can get hung up about the type of technology in use and although this is important it is the underlying idea that motivates people and makes them want to act upon it. 

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